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                                          A MESSAGE TO  DONORS / WELL – WISHERS

Mwakitau secondary school being located in the heart of Tsavo, a hardship area faces numerous problems and challenges.  One of them is fauna which trek from the Tsavo West National Park  posing a threat to the villagers and students alike.  Another major problem is the lack of adequate essential commodities like water, transport and proper housing.

It is for this reason therefore, that the entire community of Mwakitau wishes to kindly elicit donor support from well-wishers, donor communities, and the government.  The support can be inform of monetary or other physical learning facilities. E.g. laboratory equipment, boarding facilities, computers and furniture.

This aid will go along way in solving a majority of the problems the students and staff face in Mwakitau secondary.  This in turn will ensure that the education standards in Mwakitau are at per with other regions of the country and that these students can compete in the same league with other Kenyan students.

We would like to appreciate the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) for this noble idea of setting up this institution eight years ago.

Nonetheless, we would also kindly request the KWS to ensure the control of the marauding beasts which regularly trample on crops and invade the villages thus posing a threat to students and staff on their way to and from school in the morning and in the evening.














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